AUGUST 1-7 2021



Trip Overview-

Do you want to see and immerse yourself in the Katmai National Park Wilderness with me?  I will be leading a small 4 person week of Bear and Landscape photography in 2020. Staying in a remote wilderness lodge tucked into a beautiful cove on the shores of Lake Illiamna.  We will fly or boat out of the lodge every day to area’s that will provide intimate and exciting wildlife photography options.  If the weather is good we will also do a 1 or 2 night camp along the shores of a river where the bears live and fish.  Short tundra hikes will provide safe and amazing views of these apex predators in their natural environment.  



         We will be staying in a remote wilderness lodge tucked into a cove on the shores of Lake Illiamna.  The lodge has 4 rooms plus the kitchen and great room.  With an amazing view of the lake out the front door and a nice meadow in the back we have a chance to see bears on the property.  A professional chef is staffed at the lodge and will cook gourmet meals for us.  

The Program-

         Each day will start with coffee/tea along with a hearty meal professionally cooked.  Then we will load into a Beaver float plane or a small jet boat and travel 20-45 minutes to where the bears, Caribou, Eagles and Moose have been spotted.  We will practice proper safety as we take some short tundra hikes and walk along small creeks and rivers photographing the animals in there natural habitat.  Each day we will return to the lodge to download photos and enjoy another incredible meal.  If the weather is good we will spend one night camping in bear country capitalizing on the early and late hours of the day when the light is the best.  Through the week at the lodge we will review images and work on the post processing of the images.  



         A DSLR with a telephoto lens will be a must (200mm at least, I usually carry a 200-500mm).  A mid-range and wide angle are great also.  Waterproof jacket and pants along with a cover for the camera and lens.  A few outfits for hiking and camping.  



         Flights need to be booked to Anchorage and a charter flight to Illiamna.  The lodge will pick you up from there and a short 15 minute flight will have us landing at the lodge.  



         $8500 first year introductory price.  This includes all flights from the lodge, room and board, professional guiding, and photography instruction.  (not included- flights to ANC & Illiamna, tips)